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The Cohen Law Group (“CLG”) specializes in representing public and private sector clients in cable, telecommunications, and broadband matters. Collectively, our attorneys have worked on these issues for over fifty (50) years. Since 2002, CLG has assisted over 350 clients in addressing a diverse cross section of issues within our field of practice.

CLG’s full array of legal services includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Drafting cable franchise agreements
  • Review of current and proposed franchise agreements and ordinances
  • Cable franchise negotiations with cable companies
  • Franchise fee audits
  • Cable compliance reviews
  • Drafting of right-of-way ordinances and development of right-of-way fees
  • Right-of-way management and enforcement
  • Developing wireless facilities ordinances
  • Identification and marketing of municipality’s vertical assets to wireless firms
  • Negotiation with cellular tower and antenna companies
  • Wireless facilities litigation
  • Drafting of bulk services agreements and marketing agreements for multi-dwelling residential buildings
  • Drafting pole attachment agreements
  • Pole attachment negotiations with cable and telephone companies
  • Transfer or sale of cable franchise ownership or control
  • Strategic planning for public, education and governmental (“PEG”) channels
  • Drafting of PEG rules and regulations

Broadband Expansion & Digital Equity

Cable Franchising

Wireless Facilities Regulation

Franchise Fee Audits & Cable Compliance Reviews

Right-of-Way Management & Fees

Service Agreements for Residential Buildings