Phil Fraga, Attorney


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Prior to joining the Cohen Law Group, I served as general counsel and a member of the senior management team at two telecommunications companies. This work gave me valuable experience and insight into the operations of telecom providers. I switched over to the municipal
side when I began working at the Cohen Law Group.

I prefer working on behalf of local governments because I have seen first-hand how important it is that they have specialized representation when negotiating with the cable, wireless and telecom industries. At the Cohen Law Group, I have negotiated hundreds of cable franchise agreements, as well as wireless leases and right-of-way agreements, on behalf of our clients. I also represent residential apartment building owners and managers in negotiations with cable and internet companies.

Playing sports and working out was a big part of my upbringing and continues to occupy much of my free time. I played football in high school, and continued as an outside linebacker while getting an undergraduate degree in Economics (Finance) from Bethany College. Since then, I’ve run 2 marathons, earned a Black Belt in Taekwondo and developed a love for playing ice hockey. These days, I mentor kids in my community, and help to facilitate their involvement on sports teams knowing how valuable and uplifting these experiences can be.

After my time at Bethany College, I got an MBA from the University of Steubenville, a BA in Accounting from Carlow College and a Juris Doctorate from Duquense University School of Law. I live in Weirton, West Virginia along with my wife, 4 children and 2 dogs.