Dan Cohen, Founder


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The idea to start the Cohen Law Group occurred 25 years ago when I was a member of the Pittsburgh City Council. After receiving complaints about rising cable rates, I assisted the City in filing a complaint before the FCC, which resulted in a refund ordered for all Pittsburgh cable customers. As a member of Council, I also saw how essential cable and internet services were to my constituents and the critical role that local governments could play to secure fair financial returns and legal protections from providers. As a lawyer, I learned how specialized these areas of law are, and that without informed legal counsel, local governments were at a disadvantage when dealing with big corporate cable and telecom providers.

At the Cohen Law Group, I have worked hard to assemble the strongest team of lawyers who are committed to representing local governments in these specialized practice areas. Our lawyers understand the needs of local governments, are vigilant in staying informed about the ever-changing federal and state laws and regulations that impact our practice areas, negotiate aggressively to obtain benefits for our clients, actively participate in municipal organizations, and serve as a valuable resource to our clients.

After growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania, I did my undergraduate work at Yale University, and then attended Stanford University Law School. I currently live in Pittsburgh with my wife of 30 years where we raised our three children. In my free time, I love riding my bike throughout the City and volunteering for East End Cooperative Ministry.