Dramatic changes in the cable and telecommunications industry have created opportunities for private residential multi-dwelling unit (“MDU”) owners and managers. Traditional telephone companies are now offering cable services and incumbent cable operators are offering telephone services. Both sets of companies offer advanced high-speed broadband services. Add in the aggressive market expansion of satellite dish companies and the result is that many geographical areas have moved from a monopolistic to a competitive market in communications services. This competition extends to the “triple play” of services—TV, internet, and phone.

This competition in the communications industry has resulted in improved services and lower rates for all consumers.  In the context of MDU owners, however, the potential benefits are even greater. Rather than being forced to accept a bulk services package from a single provider, MDU owners can now obtain proposals from multiple providers and negotiate the best deal. Some of the benefits available to MDU owners include, but are not limited to, the following:

The key is to obtaining these benefits is to know the policies and negotiating tactics of the communications providers and to know the laws and regulations that apply to MDU agreements.  For example, MDU owners are prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) from entering into exclusive bulk services agreements, but they are legally permitted to enter into exclusive marketing agreements. It is also important to be familiar with the FCC’s Inside Wiring Rules to be able to protect the private property of the MDU owners. 

The Cohen Law Group knows that laws and regulations that apply to MDU agreements and has extensive experience negotiating with all communications providers. We negotiate all forms of agreements—including access agreements, bulk services agreements and marketing agreements—in the best interests of our clients to maximize their financial benefits and to fully protect their private property.